Dairy products

Twenty-three companies with fifty-two factories in the Netherlands process 98% of the milk in the country into plenty of tasty dairy products.

Dairy productsThere are 23 dairy companies and a total of 52 dairy factories in The Netherlands. The factories process fresh milk into a diverse line of products like cheese, yoghurt and butter. Of the total amount of milk, 55% was processed into cheese in 2014. The Dutch companies are innovative in developing new products, such as deserts. 

Dutch cheese has an outstanding reputation in the world with its special taste and high quality. Fresh raw farm milk which has passed the strict inspection and monitoring is the basis for the cheese processing. In the large factories, almost the whole process of cheese production is computerized. The molding, turning, brining and even transport are done by giant robots. There are several Dutch companies, which develop and provide customized dairy processing equipment, compatible for small plants as well. Regularly inspectors from the Central Dairy Inspection Service control the quality of the product. Samples are taken during and at the end of the production process.

Dairy Products
Dairy products produced from Dutch milk

Source: Dutch Dairy Board

In 2014, the Dutch dairy production reached 12.7 billion kg of milk. Because of its high quality and reputation, the Netherlands is the largest exporter of dairy products from inside the EU to outside the EU (29% of the exported dairy products go outside the Europe). Dutch companies like Friesland Campina are very active in the MENA region. As one of the top dairy companies worldwide, Friesland Campina is a key player in the Middle Eastern and African countries. The company has created its own locally tailored brands like Peak and Rainbow and provides large amounts of condensed milk and milk powder, cheese and butter. Also, around 80% of the powder milk produced in the Netherlands is exported to the MENA region.