The high quality of dairy products is ensured by strict processing chain, outstanding technologies and regular monitoring in the Netherlands.

ProcessingThe quality of Dutch dairy products is highly valued around the globe. In the Netherlands there is a close cooperation between government, research institutes and industries to ensure this quality. In every dairy farm, the quality of milk is monitored and guaranteed by the dairy quality system. Every year, 3 to 5 million checks are carried out to ensure that the quality of products could reach the highest world level. Some of the most important indicators used in the quality system are antibiotics usage, animal feed, pollutants, acidity and many other parameters. The end product is tested for e.g. moisture, structure, and taste, fat and salt content. Meanwhile, the government supervises and monitors the whole process via a controlling authority for milk and milk products. For this purpose regular, unannounced inspections are frequently conducted.

The Netherlands is one of the leading countries in the world in developing milking systems – automation – robotic milking – milk cooling systems and cow cooling systems. These machines have made big contribution to the high quality of milk products like pasteurized milk and sterilized milk. Also, organic milk, which is playing an increasingly bigger part in the milk market, is also driving up the quality as well as the hygiene standard through the whole processing.