Veal production

Being a special spin - off subsector in the Dutch dairy industry, the Dutch veal sector is producing high quality veal exported over the world. In Europe, 27% of the annual veal consumption is sourced from the Netherlands.

Veal productionIn the Netherlands, there is a spin-off sub-sector from dairy: the veal production. Veal originated as part of the commercial utilization of by-products from dairy farming. Apart from the veal produced from the male calves of the dairy farms, there are also specialized cattle farms for veal in the Netherlands.

The high nutritious value, palatability, fine structure and refined flavor make the veal highly prized among consumers and chefs. The Netherlands is a major veal producer in Europe as 27% of the annual European consumption of veal is produced in the Netherlands. Also, the Dutch cattle industry is a big exporter of veal as well. In 2012, of total beef and veal export with the amount of 386.9 thousand of tons, almost 50% was coming from veal part. A good example is the Dutch-owned VanDrie Group. As the world market leader in veal and with more than 25 companies, the VanDrie Group processes Approximately 1.4 million calves each year, of which more than 95% is exported all around the world.

Dutch people in general care a lot about the welfare of animals which causes that the quality of veal produced in the Netherlands is among the best ones in the world. SKV and IKB are inspection systems, in which nearly all the Dutch veal farmers participate. These two systems make it possible to provide guarantees with regard to the farming, quality and origin of veal and veal calves. For more information of SKV, click here.