Training & Projects

Dutch expertise is world-wide valued in training and projects

Almost no country in the world can compete with the quantitative and qualitative achievements of the Dutch agricultural sector. Good training structure and the availability of latest technological developments create a good and comfortable climate. Because of this, Dutch expertise is often used worldwide in order to bring about improvements in production. Therefore the Netherlands has a wide range of training opportunities. Many people of the whole world come to the Netherlands to take the knowledge of the latest developments. Especially the opportunities for tailor-mate training programmes make the Netherlands an interesting country. Besides educational institutions, specialized training institutes exist.

PTC+ is all about learning by doing 

PTC LogoPTC+ is a leading international training institute which focuses on all the links in the production chain of animals, animal commodities, (agricultural) technology and refrigeration. PTC+ consists of the following five expertise centres:

  • PTC+ Horst, on rural environmental development & animal husbandry,
  • PTC+ Ede, on refrigeration,
  • PTC+ Oenkerk, on dairy farming & milk processing,
  • PTC+ Ede, on engineering technology,
  • PTC+ Barneveld, on poultry & animal feed.

The organization is application oriented and bridges theory and practice, forming the essential link between research, education/training, the industries and farming practices.

Its staff consists of many well-qualified senior instructors with world-wide working experience. A wide range of practice facilities are available for demonstration and training and also guesthouses.

PTC+ offers a range of tailor-made courses and professional training programmes for national and international students and professionals, based on the concept of “learning-by-doing”. Customers are international consultancies for governments and international agencies, private companies and educational centres. Training programmes are realized in the Netherlands and/or abroad (at location).

Furthermore PTC+ assists in the implementation of projects for the transfer of knowledge, skills and technology, both in the Netherlands and in others countries (“institution building”). The training of PTC+ is regularly attended by students from governmental and non-governmental sectors.

Today PTC+ has worldwide experience in dozens of countries, including some in the Middle East.

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Aequor: knowledge centre between company-oriented and educational developments

Aeqor LogoAequor is the Dutch Centre of Expertise for Senior Secondary Vocational Education and Training  in the sector food & environment. We link business and vocational education to ensure that the food and agricultural sectors continue to have well-trained employees. This way Aequor contributes to the important economic and social role that these sectors have in the society. Employers, employees and educational institutions are represented within Aequor.

The field in which Aequor operates are the economic sectors:

  • Agriculture
  • Horticulture
  • Landscape, environment and forestry
  • Food and beverages industry

The key core tasks of Aequor are the development and maintenance of the qualification structure (national skill standards) and quality improvement for practical vocational training.

Aequor is responsible for the agricultural qualification structure. Schools translate this qualification structure into a teaching program.

Practical vocational training within companies is a compulsory component of the educational system, and is only possible at training companies approved by Aequor. We advise and coach companies to  meet the quality criteria and prepare them to host students in an optimal learning environment. To cope with international mobility of students we cooperate with organizations abroad.

Related tasks

Aequor plays an important role in monitoring trends and developments on the labour market. We deliver and exchange information to social partners, government, business and industry. On an international scale Aequor participates in projects to increase educational collaboration and harmonize the various international teaching structures.

Key competence 

Building a vocational education and training infrastructure based upon the demands of businesses and industry.

Recently Aequor was involved in reconstructing the Egyptian vocational education training system for the food industry. To increase the involvement of industry within vocational education, Enterprise Training Partnerships were set up to develop National Standards and curricula.

Cinop: between public sector – professional education and labour market

Cinop LogoCINOP Advies ( is an independent consultancy office on learning, education and development. Our consultants are involved in finding solutions for learning and educational issues within the triangle public sector – professional education – labour market.

Cinop is in the Middle East involved in the Dairy Food Polytechnic  in Saudi Arabia.