Vocational education

Five schools spread throughout the Netherlands provide higher agricultural education: CAH Vilentum (Dronten and Almere), HAS Den Bosch, Hogeschool INHOLLAND Delft, Van Hall Larenstein and Stoas Wageningen l Vilentum Hogeschool (the ‘green’ teacher training programme). The green pre-vocational and secondary vocational educations are provided by thirteen agricultural education centres (in Dutch: AOCs) and a number of schools with a green department (bound in the Vereniging Buitengewoon Groen). They provide pre-vocational education, secondary vocational education and adult education at over a hundred locations. For more information about AOC visit AOC in MENA region section.

Welcome to Van Hall Larenstein, University of Applied Sciences!

vocational educationVan Hall Larenstein is the biggest 'Green' University of Applied Sciences in the Netherlands. We have an assortment of study programs focusing on nature and environment, business, human health and animal health. Our study programs are given at Bachelor, Final Phase Bachelor, Masters and Certificate levels and have been carefully designed to ensure the continuous academic and personal development of our students. And, despite Dutch being the official language of the Netherlands, the study programs you will find on this site are taught and examined entirely in English.

Van Hall Larenstein  is active in the MENA region through international project in capacity building and preparing theses for students. For more information, please visit www.vanhall-larenstein.com

CAH Vilentum  University of Applied Sciences has two locations, one in Dronten and one in Almere.

CAH LogoThe location of CAH Vilentum in Dronten is situated in the heart of the Netherlands and in the center of one of the most modern food production areas in the world. Dronten is the perfect place for a professional study in management, entrepreneurship or technology

The Almere branch is a recent expansion of CAH Vilentum University of Applied Sciences. The two current programmes started in 2010, yet its roots in the 50 years' experience in Higher Education are firm. CAH expects to have a strong international orientation, attracting students interested in a professional career in urban planning, sustainable entrepreneurship, nature development and the management of natural resources. http://www.cahvilentum.eu.

CAH Vilentum is at present active in the Middle East and North Africa through projects in Egypt and student theses in other countries of the region.