Water For Food

The global population and the demand for food are sharply on the rise. The agri-sector will therefore need to produce more food, but at the same time, water is becoming scarce. 

Water For Food
The Maeslantkering storm surge barrier

The Netherlands is only a small area. Nonetheless, we are Europe’s largest exporters of agricultural products. Our secret involves the efficient use of land and water and effective responses to natural conditions. Now, the Dutch water and agricultural sector have teamed up to develop new solutions for water re-use and better irrigation.

The Netherlands has an unique and innovative role in the development of services related to water, food and climate. Services for food security are particularly relevant to the Middle East & North Africa and include:

  • Irrigation management systems
  • Crop monitoring systems
  • Yield forecasting systems.

An example of such a project has been an recent activity of a Dutch consortium in Egypt to demonstrate on farms that natural water resources can be used sustainably and optimal.


Netherlands Cooperation on Water and Climate Services