The Dutch Fishery fleet

The Dutch Fishery fleet is one of the most innovative ones worldwide. 

The Dutch Fishery fleet
The innovative ‘puls technic’ on board of a fishing vessel

The Dutch cutter fleet is the largest fleet in Dutch fishery; it consists of some 280 fishing vessels, including 60 shrimp cutters. It is possible to distinguish different sectors within the cutter fleet. The Dutch cutter fleet specialises in catching flatfish, such as sole and plaice.

The trawler sector, also known as large sea fishery, consists of four shipping companies that fish for pelagic species with freezer trawlers. The most important fish species caught by trawlers are herring, mackerel, horse mackerel, blue whiting and sardinella (=from the herring family).

Even a couple of fishermen catch different kind of fishes from the sweet waters in The Netherlands.

They all fish with respect for nature. Sure thing: they do have interest in healthy fishstocks.