Facts & Figures

  • In 2011, total horticultural production amounted to €8.6 billion. Exports (including re-exports) amounted to €16.2 billion. Horticulture accounts for 39 percent of Dutch agricultural production. The share of horticulture in the total Dutch exports in 2010 was 4% (share of agricultural exports 34%).
  • The Netherlands has an exceptionally large share of the world trade in horticultural products, at 24%. In trade in floricultural products worldwide, the Netherlands is dominant with a share of 50%. In bulbs, the share is even 80%.
  • The Dutch produce 4.32 billion tulip bulbs each year, some 53% of which (2.3 billion) are grown into cut flowers. Of these, 1.3 billion (or 57%) are sold in the Netherlands as cut flowers and the remainder is exported: 630 million bulbs in Europe and 370 million outside of Europe.
  • For the fourth year in a row, the Netherlands is the world’s biggest exporter (in value) of fresh vegetables. The Netherlands exported 4.6 billion kilos of vegetables in 2010, with a market value of € 4.2 billion. A little-know fact is that the Netherlands is the world’s top producer of onions.
  • The Dutch are the world’s largest exporter of seeds: the exports of seeds amounted to € 1.5 billion, growing 5% each year.
  • Of the approximately 1,800 new plant varieties that enter the European market each year, 65 per cent originate in the Netherlands. In addition, Dutch breeders account for more than 40% of all applications for community plant variety rights.
  • The world’s largest auction company for cut flowers and plants is Dutch. It has 4,100 employees and sales of about €4 billion in 2010. Each day it sells 34.5 million flowers and 2.3 million plants and conducts 120,000 transactions using 46 clocks.

Source: www.hollandtrade.com