Greenhouse Infrastructure

The number of greenhouse vegetable growers in the Netherlands has decreased by 55% since 2000, to 1,100 companies in 2012, but productivity increased.

Greenhouse Infrastructure
Greenhouse growers upscale to increase vegetable production

Greenhouse vegetable growers used 5,000 hectares of agricultural land in 2012, which is 13 percent less than in 2000. It took one annual work unit in 2012 to cultivate 39 areal of land, with a standard yield of 122,000 Euro. This was 41 areal of land in 2000, with a standard yield of 96,000 Euros.

This higher productivity (cultivating more land per labor year) led to a 28 percent higher standard yield per labor year for greenhouse vegetable growers. The standard yield for the whole of the greenhouse vegetable industry increased by 18 percent in the 2000-2012 period. 

The average greenhouse vegetable grower had 4.8 hectares of cultivated land in 2012, 94 percent more than in 2000. This growth resulted in an increase of the average standard yield by 163 percent.

Use of labor for an average greenhouse vegetable grower increased by 106 percent.