Holland plays a key role in the global economy. Its success is based on its sophisticated logistical infrastructure, world-class service providers and strategic location at the heart of Europe.

Rail cargo unit of FloraHolland

Logistics gateway to Europe and beyond

The Netherlands plays a key role in the globalised economy, by connecting producers and consumers worldwide via sophisticated logistics. Success is based on a combination of cutting-edge infrastructure, world-class service providers, and a coastal location at the heart of Europe. Key factors are the Port of Rotterdam, Europe's largest port and fourth-largest worldwide, and Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, a major European air-freight and passenger hub. Both are supported by world-class logistics service providers and an extensive network of roads, railways, inland waterways and pipelines. This powerful combination has made the Netherlands the 'Gateway to Europe' accounting for significant quantities of European road- and water-transport. The Netherlands also makes extensive use of Information Technology to deliver optimised supply chain solutions in sectors where time is critical, such as food and flowers. In addition, the Netherlands is pioneering developments in environmentally sustainable logistics operations and silent logistics.

A visual overview of the most salient features of the Dutch Logistics sector can be seen in attached infographic.

For more information on the logistical sector in the Netherlands, please visit www.hollandtrade.com.

Dutch Network Agrologistcs: becoming better where you do well

The Dutch are particularly good in logistics of agricultural goods, even very good. Every day, the Dutch provide consumers all over the world with meat, potatoes, vegetables and fruit, flowers and plants. On time and in the right condition, with a box with tomatoes from a Dutch village to Tunis and with a box of roses from a Dutch greenhouse to Muscat. The Netherlands has the ambition to become even better, for the world is also in development. In the Dutch Network Agrologistics we share experience and expertise, exchange ideas, develop smart techniques and try out new systems (www.agrologistiek.nl).