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Dutch Poultry Centre

Dutch Poultry Centre (DPC) is the network organization of more than 70 Dutch companies active in the poultry sector. They are the world’s innovators in their field of expertise and they are Preferred Partner of Dutch Poultry Centre. Dutch Poultry Centre believes it is important to share quality, knowledge and innovation. By joining forces we strengthen the excellent reputation of the Dutch poultry sector on a worldwide scale.

Dutch Poultry Centre helps you to make the best choice for your production. We can organize practical shows and information for your next steps in business, and deliver solutions for your key success factors.

Preferred Partners: worldwide trendsetters in poultry

Our members - Preferred Partners - will help to turn key success factors in your business into real success. Their equipment, systems and services are not aimed at delivering a product, but at resolving and improving the total production and yield: integrated solutions. ‘Integrated’ means thinking in terms of food safety and working efficiently with scarce resources, educating customers and transferring knowledge to help improve their production process. Preferred Partners are global trendsetters - both individually and collectively -, but: the Dutch poultry industry gets its strength and reputation from the chain-oriented approach .This is based on mutual collaboration and sharing knowledge and innovations, giving customers the highest returns: the best product quality at the lowest cost price.

In which areas do the Preferred Partners operate?

  •  Housing
  •  Breeding and hatchery
  •  Feed, additives
  •  Poultry meat and eggs
  •  Healthcare
  •  Processing
  •  Services

Source: www.dutchpoultrycentre.nl