Importance of the Dutch poultry sector

The Dutch poultry sector has developed rapidly in the past 60 years and belongs to one of the most specialised and innovative sectors of the world. 

The sector is characterised by excellence in animal friendly and sustainable solutions.

The Dutch poultry industry is part of the agrifood sector. The Netherlands is the second largest agricultural exporter in the world. Innovation and cooperation are the key words to keep our leading position in the world. Innovation and cooperation are the key words to keep our leading position in the world. As a result of its traditional trading mentality and innovative characteristics, the sector is a front runner at the world food market.

Food safety

The Dutch poultry industry takes a lead in developing animal friendly and sustainable housing and production and processing technologies. It offers excellent products and equipment, as well as integrated system solutions to contribute to sustainable food safety on a worldwide scale. The world is in need of innovations to meet the growing demand for products with a highly nutritious value and food security issues of affordability and availability. With an average productivity of farm animals that is still 30 – 40% below their potential, further development of solutions for improving condition and health are on top of the global agenda. The innovative Dutch poultry industry has the answers, for today and tomorrow.

Topsector Agri & Food

Consumers are increasingly focusing on professionally raised and slaughtered meat that is sold through retail and food chains. This has a great impact on the livestock sector and supplying companies. The Topsector Agri&Food is a public-private partnership developing export opportunities for Dutch companies, supported by leading knowledge institutes, facilitated by government instruments. The Topsector policy aims to increase added value, produce more in a sustainable way when using less raw materials. 

Rapid growth of the sector

Both chicken and eggs are very important elements in many Dutch meals. Therefore, poultry is big business in the Netherlands; the Dutch poultry sector belongs to the world top. Leading companies can be found in each part of the poultry chain and we also lead the world with our quality standards. Various Dutch poultry companies are global players in their specific niche, and play already an important role in countries across the Middle East and North Africa.

The Netherlands has been an agricultural country for centuries. In the midst of the 20th century  and in line with an increasing industrialization, a trend of specialization started in the Netherlands. With the start of the broiler sector in the sixties a new sector was born, which grew rapidly over the years. In the sixties about 100,000 ton of slaughtered broiler meat was produced yearly in the Netherlands. Due to innovations and efficiency operations, the production increased rapidly and nowadays 750,000 ton of broiler meat is slaughtered annually. About two-third of the Dutch production of broiler meat is exported to countries all over the world.

The rise in broiler production over these past years is a clear indication that the consumer appreciates the affordable, healthy, environmentally and welfare friendly produced poultry meat.