Feed & Additives

A strong start of the poultry production chain

white chicken
Source: DSM

Animal feed and animal health are directly related to each other. They are top priority when it comes to meat quality and safety, as well as a good performance of the flock. Dutch feed manufacturers deliver a wide range of compound feed and premixes with an excellent growth conversion. They constantly innovate their technologies and solutions, and aim to improve sustainability in the poultry production chain.

Feed additives are used in animal nutrition for purposes of improving the quality of feed, in order to support the animals’ performance and health. Products will help e.g. ensuring a microbial balance in the gastrointestine of chickens, a better bone- or egg structure, disease prevention, higher survival rates, better meat quality and therefore higher returns. By continuously developing new technologies to manufacture high quality additives, Dutch companies contribute to better feed quality and healthier animals.

Dutch Feed Industry Association Nevedi and sustainability

Hand with seedsNevedi (www.nevedi.nl) protects the interests of Dutch manufactures of compound feed and premixes, of producers of milk replacers and of suppliers of humid feedstuffs. It is Nevedi’s mission to develop professional rules and good manufacturing practices including the sourcing of feed materials that ensure the quality and the safety of compound feed. Nevedi is one of the founding organisations of GMP+ International, the managing body for the GMP+ Feed Safety Assurance scheme. GMP+ is a worldwide known scheme for assuring feed safety in all the links of the feed chain.  Nevedi wants to encourage the sustainable development of livestock production responding to the market requirements, so as to maximize market opportunities for Dutch compound feed companies.