Where product quality and health status come first

In the highly innovative Dutch poultry and further processing industry animals are being slaughtered and processed in an animal-friendly way. Product quality and health of the products are leading.

Safe handling and product monitoring

In The Netherlands there are special teams who are qualified to catch and load the poultry for transport to the slaughterhouse. When the poultry arrives at the slaughterhouse (there are 16 broiler-, 2 duck-, 1 spent laying hen- and 1 parent flock- slaughterhouse), a pre mortem inspection of the birds take place. After the animals are slaughtered they are also being submitted to a post mortem inspection before the products are being approved for human consumption. Also microbiological samples are being taken to check if the high quality of the products is confirmed.

All types of products (for example whole chickens, chicken filet, leg quarters, drumsticks, but also chicken feet, livers, mechanical separated meat, etc.) can be produced and exported. 

All slaughterhouses together in the Netherlands produce more than 1 million ton live weight per annum,  equalling 784,500 kg slaughtered weight. The slaughterhouses partly process the slaughtered animals in-house and partly deliver to specialized cutting plants. The Netherlands imported 416,200 ton poultry meat and exported 894,500 ton poultry meat in 2012. Germany and the United Kingdom are the main export destinations.

Doing business with Dutch companies is not only buying products but the Dutch will support you also in the correct usage of the equipment and will offer also training to enhance the skill of your staff.