Facts and Figures

  • The lowest point in the Netherlands low-lying delta region is 6.76 metres below sea level. This and the three major rivers running through the country have made the Netherlands the maritime and water management hub of Europe.
  • Around 2,000 companies in the Dutch delta and water technology sector. They employ 80,000 people. The entire Dutch delta and water technology sector had an accumulated turnover of €15.6 billion in 2011, of which €7.4 billion was exported.
  • The Delta Works is the world's largest flood protection project with more than 16,500 kilometres of levees and 300 structures. Recently many structures have received an update that applies the latest technologies that consider biodiversity and livelihoods. Fish passages are included to improve ecosystems and fishermen regain territory.
  • The first water mains were built in 1853 in Amsterdam, where water was pumped from the sand dunes because of the filtering properties of the fine sand. Transforming it from a city with an open sewage system into the capital and tourist attraction that is today.
  • The Dutch began using innovative waste water treatment techniques in the 1970s. Nowadays 99.9 per cent of Dutch households have access to clean, chlorine-free drinking water.